Oneder Studios is set up so that an artist can fly in from anywhere in the world, with little to no gear, and make a great sounding record using everything we have in house. In addition to an arsenal of stringed instruments, synths, amps, and drums, you'll find analog outboard preamps and compressors in the rack before your music hits Pro Tools.



Adam A7X

Analog Preamps and Compressors

(2) Classic API VP28

(2) Classic API VP26

Hairball 1176 Rev D

Serpent SB4001 Stereo Buss Compressor

DAW / Interfaces

Pro Tools 10 and 11

Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

M-Audio Profire 2626


Advanced Audio CM12 Tube Condenser (Vintage AKG C12 Clone)

(2) Advanced Audio CM67Se Tube Condenser (Vintage Neumann U67 Clone)

Advanced Audio DM-20 (EV RE-20 Clone)

AKG D112

(2) Cascade Fathead Ribbon

Sennheiser e604

Shure Beta 57

(3) Shure SM57

(3) EV PL80a


70's Ludwig Vistalite Kit (13 and 16" toms, 16x22 kick)

80's Tama Superstar Kit (14 and 18" toms, 24" kick)

Ludwig Acrolyte Snare

Tama Superstar Snare

Pork Pie Big Black Snare

Pearl Chad Smith Snare




Photo by Leah Jensen


Amplifiers and Cabs

Orange Rockerverb MKIII 100 Watt Head

Dr. Z Route 66 Head

Marshall JCM 800 50 Watt Head

Vox AC30 Combo (w/ Alnico Blue Speakers)

Ampeg Portaflex 500 Bass Head

Ampeg Portaflex 1x15 Cab

Vintage Marshall 4x12 Cab (w/ Celestion Greenbacks)

Marshall 4x12 1960A Cab (w/ Celestion 75s)

Orange PPC 212 Cab (w/ V30s)

Orange Crush Practice Amp

Guitars and Basses

Gibson Les Paul Custom (1981)

Gibson '76 Reissue Explorer

Music Man Armada HH

Music Man Albert Lee HH

Reverend Eastsider Tele

Reverend Descent Baritone

Fender American Standard Precision Bass

Music Man Stingray Bass

Takamine P1DC Acoustic

Yamaha A1R Acoustic


Earthquaker Devices, Walrus Audio, Catalinbread, Fulltone, JHS, EHX, MXR, Morley, Ernie Ball, Digitech, Boss


Korg Monologue Analogue Synth

Alesis 49-key Midi Controller (and countless sounds)